Richarlison faces an RSPCA investigation


Richarlison, a forward for Tottenham, is apparently the subject of an RSPCA inquiry after neighbors complained about the star’s two dogs’ barking.

The Brazilian national owns a chocolate labrador and Acerola, a Siberian husky.

Richarlison’s north London neighbors acknowledged that they had reported him to the RSPCA.

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The Sun was informed by a 75-year-old neighbor that they had contacted the animal welfare organization because of his dog’s “constant” barking.

The Spurs player recently hosted a party that lasted till the wee hours of the morning, the neighbor also complained.

The neighbor told the Newspaper, “We reported him to the RSPCA as his dogs have been howling.”

“It’s not pleasant to hear; they never stop barking.”

“He recently had a huge party with a live band that vibrated our homes and lasted until 4am,” someone said.

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According to another neighbor, Richarlison’s dogs “escape on a daily basis.”

In 2019, Richarlison asked his followers on social media to help him find his Siberian husky.

After the dog “fled” the Crosby neighborhood, where he had previously lived, he made his appeal.

Acerola was discovered by two Everton supporters near Crosby beach.

According to reports, the RSPCA has declined to respond to the allegation.

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According to a Tottenham representative, “We are in contact with the player and his representatives.”

The 25-year-debut old’s season with Tottenham after moving there in a £60 million deal from Everton hasn’t been particularly impressive.

Richarlison has not scored in any of his 19 Premier League games for Tottenham, and his only two goals for the team came against Marseille in the Champions League group stage back in September.

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The forward’s first season with the team has been hampered by a string of injuries.

Yet after overcoming his most recent setback, he started from the bench against Brighton on Saturday.

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