Sergio Aguero of Argentina called Camavinga a “D*ck face” in instagram live


After  Aguero of Argentina abruptly called out France midfielder Eduardo Camavinga during Argentina’s World Cup celebrations, many supporters were perplexed.

After an exciting final versus France, Argentina were named football’s kings on Sunday night at Qatar’s Lusail Stadium.

Messi had the last laugh as the South American champions prevailed after winning the penalty shootout 4-2, drawing 3-3 after 120 minutes of thrilling football.

As the Argentina team celebrated their triumph in the locker room following the game. Aguero was live-streaming on Instagram when Camavinga, a midfielder for Real Madrid, was yelled at by Aguero.

Aguero sipped champagne and muttered, “For Camavinga, that d***face.”

Social media was used by several supporters to voice their outrage at Aguero’s treatment of the 20-year-old Frenchman.

After what he said about Camavinga, one person said they “lost all respect for Aguero.”

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