Sergio Ramos fumes at Elon Musk on Twitter


Sergio Ramos has turned to Twitter to criticize Elon Musk, the site’s owner, over a number of changes made to the social media platform since he assumed control.

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Due to Musk’s removal of Twitter’s public figure verification, users must sign up for the company’s premium service, Twitter Blue, in order to show that they are who they claim to be. According to some reports, this poses a threat to public safety and could result in a financially catastrophic loss for particular personalities or publications. Musk’s actions have even been labeled as calamitous by others, with one well-read article referring to them as “a weekend-long master class in business failure.”

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Sergio Ramos, a star for Paris Saint-Germain, was also unimpressed and mentioned Elon Musk in his article while lamenting the changes.

One tactic is to eliminate blue badges, require fees, and profit. Making Twitter a better environment, eradicating hatred, and fostering respect could be some others. Just a thought.

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The former Real Madrid player also posted screenshots of the vile abuse he received on Twitter, some of which included death threats against Ramos’ wife, kids, and himself. Ramos argues that rather than monetizing the website, Twitter might improve their product by eradicating harassment.

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