Thiago Silva urges Carlo Ancelotti to become Brazil manager


Thiago Silva of Chelsea has joined the list of athletes who support Carlo Ancelotti for the vacant Brazil manager position.

After parting company with Tite after the conclusion of their dismal 2022 FIFA World Cup campaign, which saw them lose to Croatia in the quarterfinals, the Selecao are looking for a new manager.

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Big names like Jose Mourinho and Luis Enrique have been mentioned in the rumors that Brazil may choose a foreign manager for the first time in their history.

The biggest connection, though, has been made with Ancelotti, who is expected to leave Real Madrid at the end of the current campaign.

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Many of Ancelotti’s previous and current Brazilian teammates have endorsed him, with Silva—who worked with the Italian at AC Milan—becoming the most recent to do so.

“To be quite honest, I would like it if it were him, given our friendship and mutual understanding. At Milan, he served as my first coach in Europe. He has demonstrated readiness throughout his career, according to what Silva told TJ Sports USA.

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“I’m not sure if I’ll play for Brazil, but I’d love for him to accept the offer and make the team play the way he wants football to be played,” he said.

The second leg of the UEFA Champions League quarterfinal between Real Madrid and Chelsea, led by Silva’s Chelsea, and Ancelotti’s Real Madrid is scheduled to take place at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday.

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Will Carlo Ancelotti accept the position in Brazil?

Ancelotti has maintained that he wants to remain at Real Madrid for the upcoming season, despite the demands of numerous players he has coached for Brazil.

Ancelotti recently responded, “I think so,” when asked if he felt supported by the Real Madrid board. “The president has always shown me a lot of affection, and he still does.

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“We must consider the future. Without a doubt, we’ll be back here for the upcoming season because we’ll uphold our end of the bargain.

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