To prevent French from crying, Argentinians are gathering signature


French supporters did not think twice to visit a website to gather signatures in support of a match rerun. The Argentinians have now made the decision to claim theirs.

People in France are still thinking about how they lost to Argentina in the World Cup final and haven’t hesitated to sign a petition on a website asking for a repeat of the game.

The “Albiceleste” supporters in the South American nation decided to react after learning of the uproar. The suggestion was started by the “valentingomez11” Twitter account.

If the French are gathering signatures to have the final replayed, the user suggested that we gather signatures to make them “stop crying” and to defeat them in the World Cup of signatures.

TyC Sports reports that the number has now surpassed 50,000 signatures, a long cry from the more than 200,000 signatures that the French supporters have so far collected.

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