UEFA could ban Barcelona for five years

La Liga

The Spanish legal system is looking into the “Negreira affaire,” and UEFA is also involved. According to “El Larguero,” a program on “Cadena SER,” the organization has launched a dossier against the “Cules,” and they may receive an exemplary punishment.

According on the rules, they could be banned from participating in European tournaments for up to five years if it is determined that they broke the law.

After information about the “Negreira affaire,” UEFA declared in a statement that it is looking into FC Barcelona. FC Barcelona has already been notified by the organization, and a file has already been opened.

On “El Larguero,” Manu Carreo provided the most recent information about this problem. If it is determined that Barca broke the rules, UEFA may exclude Xavi’s team from European championships. If it is found that they broke UEFA’s rules, they could receive a sentence that, according to the rules, could last up to five years. It would not be permitted to participate in the Europa League or the Champions League in such a situation.

This source claims that the Ceferin-presiding body “is quite serious.”

To determine why Barcelona paid Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira, a former vice-president of the Technical Committee of Referees, two inspectors will investigate the case.

Barcelona will be subject to a severe penalty, according to UEFA. Ceferin will want a historic sanction but does not want his request to be rejected by CAS “Manu Carreno remarked. We’ll see what transpires, he concluded.

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