Vinicius Junior was expertly wound up by Osasuna player

Copa del Rey

The Copa del Rey final in 2023 was a complete gem.

Most football fans would have projected a Real Madrid victory going into the game in Seville.

Los Blancos are just a different beast in finals, whereas Osasuna have been somewhat of a fairytale in Spain this season.

Carlo Ancelotti’s team eventually won 2-1, but it was by no means an easy victory.

Real Madrid took an early lead thanks to Rodrygo Goes, but Osasuna quickly roared back into the match.

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Lucas Torro, a former Real Madrid player, helped Los Rojillos tie the score in the second half.

It appeared as though Osasuna would score an unexpected victory, but Los Blancos delivered the game’s final, decisive blow in the 70th minute. Rodrygo scored the goal once more.

When it counts, the youngster simply performs. But Osasuna were truly outstanding, and they have every right to be incredibly proud of their performance in such a historic match.

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Another memorable evening for Real Madrid

The team led by Ancelotti had to work incredibly hard for a precious victory, but we shouldn’t discount the fact that they also performed admirably that evening.

On the left side of the team’s assault, Vinicius Junior was as magnificent as always. The Brazilian flyer gave right-back Jon Moncayola of Osasuna a rough time.

Vinicius skillfully set up Rodrygo’s first goal, and as usual, the former Flamengo player was always on the attack throughout the game.

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In the first half, though, the roles were somewhat flipped.

Vinicius was humorously tackled by Osasuna defender David Garcia after he dove to attempt to gain a penalty.

Unsurprisingly, the 29-year-old’s cheeky patting of Vinicius’ head wasn’t warmly received by the Real Madrid supporters.

Video: Garcia wound up Vinicius after penalty claim

Vinicius’ situation was made worse by the fact that he was the one who was arrested following the event.

The referee was obviously not a fan of his protests.

Let’s not forget, though, that Vinicius Junior was the one who emerged victorious, adding yet another winner’s medal to his ever-expanding collection.

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The first leg of their Champions League semifinal matchup against Manchester City is coming up for Vinicius and Real Madrid.

On Tuesday night, the Santiago Bernabeu will be electrified as the club and their Brazilian hero attempt to win yet another championship.

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